J F Dimarzio

Ted Hagos is CTO and Data Protection Officer of RenditionDigital International, a software development company based out of Dublin, Ireland. Before joining RDI, he had various software development roles and also spent time as a trainer at IBM Advanced Career Education, Ateneo ITI, and Asia Pacific College. He spent many years in software development, dating back to Turbo C, Clipper, dBase IV, and Visual Basic. Eventually, he found Java and spent many years there. Nowadays, he is busy with full-stack JavaScript and Android.

Mario Zechner runs Badlogic Games, a game development shop focused on Android.

JF DiMarzio is a seasoned Android developer and author. He began developing games in Basic on the TRS-80 Color Computer II in 1984. Since then, he has worked in the technology departments of companies such as the US Department of Defense and the Walt Disney Company. He has been developing on the Android platform since the beta release of version .03. Read More chevron_right