Jack Frost

Over their 35-year partnership, Jack and Trisha went through a lot of ups and downs; some were happy and thrilling, while others were disappointing and hurtful. They lived, loved, and battled their way to their final destination. As Jack traveled and shared their story, a insight of unconditional agape love emerged from their life journey to find the love they had so desperately sought. This revelation brought healing to their family and to the lives of many families throughout the world. Trisha's and their children's lives are now filled with the message of agape. Jack had been encouraging Trisha to share her side of the story for years, telling the Shiloh Place staff that she has a Niagara Falls of teaching waiting to be released, but that life and ministry had kept her travel schedule to a minimal until now.

It is her first day as one of several Shiloh Place teachers, as we navigate the new obstacles of life without Jack. Trisha's life used to revolve on her feeling like Read More chevron_right