Jacques Vallee

Jacques F., Ph.D. Vallee is a General Partner of Euro-America Ventures, a Silicon Valley firm that focuses on high-tech investments in North America and Europe. He obtained his B.S. in France, where he was born. a Sorbonne master's degree in mathematics and a master's degree in science in astrophysics at the Université of Lille.

Coming to the United States Jacques began his career as an astronomer at the University of Texas, where he helped NASA construct the first computer-based map of Mars. He eventually transferred to Northwestern University, where he got his Ph.D. in the field of computer science He went on to work at SRI International and the Institute for the Future, where he was a Principal Investigator on Arpanet, the Internet's prototype, and oversaw the project to construct the world's first network-based groupware system.

Jacques Vallee, a venture capitalist with Euro-America since 1987, has led early-stage investments in over 60 high-tech start-ups. Jacques is a member of the science board for the French Genopole, which specializes in life sciences and is based in Evry (www.genopole.com). He was also elected as a Trustee of the Institute for the Future (www.iftf.org). Jacques has a long-standing private interest in astronomy, fiction writing, and research frontiers, particularly mysterious aerial occurrences, in addition to his work in information technology and finance. He is also a member of Bigelow Aerospace's scientific advisory board in Las Vegas, Nevada (www.bigelowaerospace.com).

In Paris, he received the Jules Verne Prize for a science fiction work written in French.