James Buchanan

James  Buchanan

Jermaine Buchanan went to private schools until he was in seventh grade and excelled academically. He was on his way to a healthy lifestyle after winning scholarships for writing essays. Nevertheless, shortly after graduating from middle school, he discovered a new love: the streets. Jermaine quickly adapted to Norwalk's fast-paced lifestyle, and he unfortunately became a product of his surroundings. Jermaine was not deterred by his misfortune and took the street name Ski to verify his status after a couple close encounters with death and brushes with the law.

Although everyone's experience of incarceration in 1999, especially a lengthy four-life sentence, is unique, Jermaine's was far more difficult than the vast majority of convicts' due to the substantial and persistent medical challenges he has encountered while serving his sentence. Most notably, in 2005, only a year after arriving at USP Allenwood, and at the age of 28, he began having severe leg discomfort and lost his Read More chevron_right