James Cardona

James has won multiple awards for his young adult science fiction and fantasy novels including twice being a finalist for the Wishing Shelf Awards and receiving the Independent Book Readers' Appreciation Group Award. He is planning on writing many, many more, including the release of the fourth and final installment of the apprentice series in 2016. For his fiction, James tries to make his words come alive by pouring his real-life experiences into his characters such that many of the details described in his books actually happened and are told from the perspective of someone who was there. He also enjoys integrating a hard science approach to his science fiction, feeling that all aspects of his story telling, although perhaps not currently possible, could actually happen once our technology evolves. James enjoys all things that can unleash the creative process including drawing, painting and creative writing and the not-so-typical such as robot design and writing computer code. He Read More chevron_right