James Kahn

James  Kahn

James Kahn is an ER physician who received his education at the University of Chicago and UCLA. He's also written a number of science fiction novels and novelizations, including Return of the Jedi, which was a New York Times #1 bestseller. He also worked as a television writer and producer on shows including Melrose Place, Star Trek: Voyager, and others. In recent years, he's been concentrating on creating and producing Americana music CDs, including folk, blues, and country. His writing has recently taken a new direction.

He spent years researching a little-known aspect of the American Civil War, Matamoros, the Mexican town on the Rio Grande recently across the border from Brownsville, Texas, and has just finished writing a historical novel on it. Since Napoleon III had just invaded Mexico, bent on installing Archduke Maximilian of Austria as its Emperor, Matamoros was a sanctuary for Yankee and Rebel spies, gunrunners, cotton smugglers, Texas Rangers - and French Foreign Legionnaires. Under the shadow of two wars, Clay, an expatriate Southern gentleman, and Allie, his ex-con artist partner, are entangled in a star-crossed affair. In addition to the novel, Kahn has released a CD of songs, each track focusing on one of the characters in the book, explaining backstories and futures and providing a deeper knowledge of the characters' inner lives in the American folksong style.

James Kahn is married to artist Jill Littlewood and resides in California. Additional information is available at www.ThatJamesKahn.com.