James Rumford

James  Rumford
James Rumford, a resident of Manoa, is an award-winning children's book author and illustrator. His books, published nationally as well as internationally, deal with a variety of topics--from stories of Hawaii to tales from distant lands. Many of his books deal with Africa, where he was a Peace Corps volunteer and a Fulbright lecturer. Among these books are: CALABASH CAT, RAIN SCHOOL, and BRIGHT STAR. James Rumford has been writing and illustrating books for children since 1996. With a score of titles to his name, translated into the world's major languages, his books are recognized here and abroad for their integrity as well as their appeal to children. He has received several awards for his writing and illustrating such as two Zolotow Awards, a Siebert Honor Award, two Jane Addams Peace Awards, and the Sugarman Award for American Biography. James Rumford is also a book artist, running Manoa Press [founded in 1986], where he makes limited-edition handmade books on an antique iron press. For more on the author and his private press, visit jamesrumford.com and manoapress.com.