James Van Praagh

James  Van Praagh

Unfinished Business, Ghosts Among Us, Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven, Meditations, and Healing Sorrow are among the New York Times bestselling books by James Van Praagh. He is regarded as a global pioneer in the mediumship movement and has been the voice of the Spirit World for more than twenty-five years. Among his more well-known clientele are world leaders, religious leaders, and celebrities such as Cher, Shirley Maclaine, Goldie Hawn, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Loretta Lynn, and a long list of others. His messages have provided millions of people comfort, calm, and spiritual insights, transforming their perspectives on life and death. James has also worked as a producer for CBS, producing various popular projects such as Living with the Dead, a miniseries based on his life, and The Dead Will Tell, a television movie, as well as the CBS show Ghost Whisperer. His novels have been published in over 50 countries and translated into over 60 languages, demonstrating his international appeal.