Jane A Mclachlan

McLachlan, Jane Ann: - Jane Ann McLachlan was a college professor before becoming a full-time writer. She is the author of five non-fiction books and eight published novels. She was born in Toronto, Canada, and currently lives with her husband, author Ian Darling, in Waterloo, Ontario. They spend most days sitting in their separate dens writing on their laptops, each working on their next book. When they get away it's usually to do research. Between books, Jane Ann enjoys gardening, quilting, travel, spending time with family, teaching creative fiction, and escaping the cold Canadian winters. She is addicted to story, and reads just about any kind of book, but she writes mostly historical fiction set in the Middle Ages and young adult science fiction and fantasy. Her books have won the Royal Palm Literary Award for Historical Fiction and the Book Publishers' Award of Alberta, and several of her short stories have also wao awards. Her young adult fiction has been highly Read More chevron_right