Janelle Mcguinness

McGuinness, Janelle: - Janelle McGuinness knows that reading is so important for young minds; but so is the bonding time between parents and their children. She writes picture books designed to bring parents and kids closer together for more shared smiles, laughter, and love. Her hope is to inspire, instill a love of books and storytelling to a whole new generation of young minds. Janelle works full-time in the corporate sector in Sydney, Australia; she's also a Mum to two young children. As a working mum, she can't wait to spend time with her kiddos and her favorite pastime is watching their faces light up while they hear stories and see colorful illustrations. Her stories--originally told just for her young children--took on a life of their own and now she hopes your family enjoys them as much as she and her children do. Her book Come Out Mr Poo is an Amazon bestseller and she has written 7 other books, 5 of which are part of the Secret School Spy Squad series. Many of Read More chevron_right