Jay Stringer

Jay  Stringer

Jay Stringer is a therapist, clergyman, and researcher who helps people break free from undesirable sexual behavior (e.g., pornography, infidelity, and purchasing sex) by assisting them in understanding the particular reasons that lead them to it in the first place. Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Shows Our Path to Healing, his debut book, is based on a multi-year study of over 3,800 men and women. Unwanted sexual activity is not random, according to the findings. The aspects of our story that have yet to be addressed form and predict it. Stringer hopes that the study, which is one of the most extensive on the issue, will enable people to achieve freedom in ways they haven't been equipped before.

He graduated from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology with a MDiv and a master's degree in counseling psychology. While working as a Senior Fellow at the Allender Center, he got post-graduate instruction from Dr. Patrick Carnes and Dr. Dan Allender. With his wife and two children, he resides in Seattle, Washington. He wishes he could surf a lot more than he does.