Jean Anouilh

Jean  Anouilh

Jean Anouilh was born in Bordeaux in 1910 and resided in Switzerland for many years before passing away in 1987. Restless Heart (1934), Dinner with the Family (1937), Traveller without Luggage (1938), Thieves' Carnival (1939), Leocadia (1939), Point of Departure (Eurydice) (1941), A ntigone (1944), the Rehearsal (1950), The Waltz of the Toreadors (1952), The Lark (1953), Poor Bitos (1956), and The Director of the Opera (1973) are among his best-known plays. Methuen's collected plays are published in two volumes. Fre deric Raphael is the author of nineteen novels, as well as translations, articles, and radio plays.