Jean Rabe

Jean  Rabe
Editor Stephen D. Sullivan has been a professional writer, illustrator, and swashbuckler since 1980. He is the author of more than thirty published novels and numerous comic books. His recent projects include Martian Knights, Spider Riders, and Iron Man. He has won the Origins Award-adventure gaming's highest honor-twice, first for his samurai fantasy novel The Lion, and later for his Mage Knight short story Podo and the Magic Shield. His novel, Dragonlance: Warrior's Heart, was nominated for a 2006 Scribe Award. The second book in that trilogy, Dragonlance: Warrior's Blood was cited by the Detroit Free Press as a novel Harry Potter fans would enjoy. Steve's upcoming books include Frost Harrow(TM) Dream Lover, A Season of Fear, and the final book in the Catriona trilogy, Dragonlance: Warrior's Bones. Steve lives in haunted Frosthaven, Wisconsin, with his wife and two children. More information about Steve and his work can be found at Editor Jean Rabe is the Read More chevron_right