Jeffery Camp

Jeffery (Jeff) Camp is a former military veteran who spent 32 years in the military, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only in the army, but also during his 20-year career at IBM, Jeff has held several leadership positions. Jeff retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after commanding the 33rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion and earning a Masters in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College. Throughout each of his combat deployments, he was awarded the Bronze Star. Jeff learned to cook over time, initially out of necessity and then out of want, and he developed a passion for it.

He took cooking classes to learn the local cuisine during his trips to foreign locations and incorporates many of the methods and flavors into his creations. Jeff is a member of the Paws for Purple Hearts Board of Directors. He and his wife Mari-Ann, as well as their two cats, currently reside in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Visit to learn more about Jeff or to learn more about his debut book, IS GOAT BEEF?