Jeffery Olsen

Olsen, Jeffery: - Jeffery C. Olsen is a bestselling author and moving public speaker, inspiring audiences internationally with his intriguing stories of perseverance and inner strength. In 1997, Olsen experienced a horrific automobile accident that took the lives of both his wife and youngest son. He suffered multiple life-threatening injuries himself, including the amputation of his left leg above the knee. As a result of the accident, Jeffery had profound out-of-body, shared-death and near-death experiences, which give him spiritual insights not common in today's world. In addition to his live stage appearances around the world, Olsen has appeared on numerous national and international television and radio programs sharing his inspirational insights. Professionally, Olsen is a gifted Creative Director with accolades from the New York One Show, the Clio Awards, Communication Arts and The American Advertising Federation just to name a few. He has appeared in Forbes Read More chevron_right