Jennifer Kaufeld

About the Authors Jennifer Kaufeld has written (or co-written with her husband John, also a computer book author) four books about America Online. After being dragged kicking and screaming into the world of computers, she now spends her copious free time reviewing educational software for homeschoolers and homeeducation journals, speaking on the educational use of computers and software, and presiding over the Greek and English lessons in the family home school. A certified America Online Groupie, she researches information on the Web, catches up on what's happening in the lacemaking world via mailing lists, and relaxes in various chat rooms. Look for her looking around the system under the screen name JSKaufeld. John Kaufeld can be found either in his office, typing away at one of his computers, or in a field near the house, flying homemade kites with his kids (when he's home). In his free time, he teaches Internet business courses all over the United States, writes his Online Read More chevron_right