Jessica Matthews

Jessica Matthews is a speaker, an author, a coach, and an innovator who created LoveliestWoman Coaching, LLC. After the demise of an 18-year marriage, newly single Jessica experienced difficulties separating her former life from the new one. When she returned to the dating scene, she fell back into the role of a doting wife and treated the men almost like they were her husband. In doing this, Jessica compromised her integrity and lost her authenticity by following what she believed to be the social norm to stay competitive on the dating scene. As a direct result, she suffered numerous heartbreaks and found herself on a path of inauthenticity. After spending some time working on herself, she reconstructed herself and reclaimed her voice. Moreover, she began to blossom and attract more men than ever. Jessica has dedicated several years to rediscovering herself and transforming into what she believes is the LoveliestWoman. Now, Jessica empowers women by helping them to reconstruct Read More chevron_right