Jill C Stanford

Jill Charlotte Stanford considers herself the luckiest person in the world. Growing up admiring from afar in the fifth row of the darkened Princess Theater in Edmonds, Washington, a box of Malt Balls slowly melting in her hot little fist, cowgirls like Dale Evans and others certainly shaped her dreams and her future. She never dreamed, then, that she would grow up and someday meet and write about real cowgirls. From her first book to this one, her circle has grown to include ranchers, trick riders, horse trainers and breeders and now, poets and songwriters that write of the West. They have all proven to be women of resourcefulness, courage, humility, great humor and a generous spirit. A little girl wearing small, red cowboy boots came up to Jill at a book signing not too long ago. Eying her fringed jacket and looking her square in the eye, (in true cowgirl fashion, ) she asked, Are you a real cowgirl? Jill looked her back, square in the eye, and replied, I sure hope so! About the Read More chevron_right