Jodi Felice

Jodi Felice is a designer of inspirational recipes, gift cards and special tea blends. She grew up in a small town on the Northshore of Long Island, New York and currently resides in Boynton Beach, Florida. Jodi's interest in herbalism and passion for cooking led her to discover all of the magical powers each plant and herb possess. She learned these plants not only benefit the physical body but also nurture the heart and feed the spirit. Jodi wanted to create an easy and approachable atmosphere where she could share this knowledge. She decided to teach cooking classes and invited her students into her home. She taught them that all you need is awareness and intention to activate the plants' positive energy. Jodi was able to demonstrate just how simple it can be to feed the soul. That experience sparked the desire to reach a wider audience. By compiling all of her recipes and the plants' positive energy into one book, she gives us the opportunity to create our own magic. All of Jodi's creations are designed with the intent to nurture our emotional and spiritual needs. She offers us a unique perspective and provides the tools to connect and create positive change.