Joe Ponder

Joe Ponder was born in 1988 on an Air Force base in Georgia. His mother was a psychologist before becoming a Christian minister and his father a retired United States Air Force Major. Joe comes from a family of aviators. His grandfather was a Navy jet pilot and his uncle an Army helicopter pilot. Growing up a military brat, Joe traveled the world. After high school, he moved out on his own and got work as an aircraft mechanic. While living in Kentucky, Joe frequented a lounge called the Cat's Den, a gathering spot for local artists. There, he regularly wrote and performed poetry. Still turning wrenches as a mechanic, Joe decided to further his career and attended Middle Tennessee State University, where he met his future wife, Sam. Their son CJ was born in 2010. Joe's son and book, Kings of Earth, celebrate diversity. CJ is mixed with African, Pauite Native American, and Creole from his father's side and Laotian, Thai, and Chinese from his mother's side. After graduating with his aerospace bachelor's degree, Joe took an aviation maintenance management position in Texas where he lives with his family today.
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