Joe Rogan

Rogan, Amy: - Amy and Joe Rogan are a powerhouse couple complimenting each other's artistic skills. Joe is the crazy visionary who designs the layouts and characters, and Amy is the one who cleans up and adds the technical details. Together they make a great team using their strengths as authors/illustrators as well as creatively designing their life. Amy has a BFA in Fashion Design and has been in the fashion industry for over 20 years, working for companies such as QVC and Disney. Joe has a BFA degree in Traditional Animation and Computer Art.

They found while working together and traveling the world they have a bigger mission to be a beacon of hope and inspiration. Now they are sharing their own story after illustrating for personal development books, including Slap Yourself by Josh Zepess and I Am Great by Milton Howard. This powerhouse couple is a true inspiration with their story and artistic style while helping people realize their potential and purpose. Follow them at and on social media.