John Baker

 John  Baker

Celebrate Recovery(R), a ministry launched at Saddleback Church, was founded by John Baker. Almost 3.5 million people are reported to have gone through this Christ-centered recovery program in the last 25 years. Weekly Celebrate Recovery groups are being held in over 27,000 congregations. John has been a part of the Celebrate Recovery team since the beginning. He has worked as the Pastor of Membership, the Pastor of Ministries, and the Pastor of Signature Ministries at Saddleback Church.

He also serves as one of Saddleback's nine Elder Pastors. John is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer who specializes in assisting churches in establishing Celebrate Recovery ministries. The Journey Begins Curriculum, Life's Healing Choices, the Celebrate Recovery Study Bible (general editor), and The Landing and Celebration Place (coauthor) are just a few of John's writing credits. The First Step to Celebrate Recovery and The Celebrate Recovery Devotional (coauthor) are two of John's most recent works.

John and his wife Cheryl, a cofounder of Celebrate Recovery, have been married for almost four decades and have served together in the organization since its inception. Laura and Johnny, their two adult children, have five grandchildren.