John Bradshaw

Plant breeder and geneticist John E.Bradshaw, PhD, spent his whole professional life at the Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI, originally the Scottish Plant Breeding Station and now the James Hutton Institute). He finished his career as the Scottish Government's Chief of Potato Breeding and Manager of the Potato Genetics Programme. He has worked on barley, brassicas (kale, swedes, and turnips), and potatoes, conducting research on the use of genetics in plant developing and breeding two kale and three swede cultivars, as well as contributing to the breeding of four more swedes, a turnip, and 27 potatoes. His research included kale population improvement techniques, the genetic basis of heterosis in swedes, the theory and practice of linkage and QTL analysis in tetraploid potatoes, and breeding for quantitative pest and disease resistance (clubroot in kale, powdery mildew in swedes, and late blight and cyst nematodes in potatoes). Dr. Bradshaw is a James Hutton Institute Read More chevron_right