John Cretti

John Cretti has more than 32 years of horticultural expertise and is a well-known gardening expert, radio and television personality, author, columnist, and former horticulture specialist for Colorado State University Extension. His down-to-earth approach broadens the perspectives of gardeners working with the region's unique and tough conditions, where temperature changes, wind, hail, unpredictable storms, difficult soils, and crafty creatures are the norm.John has presented the Gardening with an Altitude radio program for thirty years and has been an expert on Rocky Mountain Gardening for area TV and HGTV. While growing up in western Colorado, this sparked his love in gardening, and he went on to write numerous books for Cool Springs Publishing, including Rocky Mountain Gardener's Guide and Month-by-Month Gardening in the Rocky Mountains. Visit his website,, to learn more about him.