John Horton

John Horton specializes in leadership training and consultation for businesses all around the world. In Greenville, South Carolina, he is the president and CEO of Corporate Energy LLC. The company's purpose is to equip individuals, teams, and organizations with leadership capabilities in order to achieve operational excellence and top-line growth. He has worked with a variety of major, mid-size, and small businesses since founding his own firm. Many of his clients participate in John's Leadership Journey program, which he created and now shares in his publications.

Prior to founding Corporate Energy, John worked for Milliken & Company in Spartanburg, South Carolina, as the corporate education sales leader. John was in charge of education program development, training, and implementation, with a focus on sales and leadership. He traveled around the world three times and visited six continents, developing, designing, and facilitating workshops and seminars for literally Read More chevron_right