John J Palmer

John Palmer is one of the most well-known homebrewers of today. He appreciates bringing practical technical know-how to the art and science of brewing beer. He is the author of three books and several articles. John has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn to successfully brew their own beer at home with his bestselling Brewers Publications product, How to Make: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Excellent Beer Every Time. Palmer has co-authored two more brewing books alongside homebrewing legend and Heretic Brewing Company founder Jamil Zainasheff: Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anybody Can Brew and Water: A Complete Handbook for Brewers, the authoritative guide to water chemistry for brewing with Colin Kaminski, former brewmaster of Napa's Downtown Joe's Brewery and Restaurant. Palmer is a member of a number of professional and scientific brewing organizations.

Palmer Brewing Solutions, Inc. was founded by him in 2011 after he left a career in aerospace Read More chevron_right