John Malam

John Malam is a children's nonfiction author who bases most of his work on his passion for history and archaeology. At the University of Birmingham, he studied Ancient History and Archaeology. His experience working in museums has connected him to the storytelling part of history, and he now devotes his time to writing children's books. He publishes nonfiction works on a variety of subjects, including dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, art, and social history. He has joined the National Literacy Trust as a Reading Champion.

He has written hundreds of nonfiction books for youngsters on topics ranging from mythology to Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece, among other topics. You Wouldn't Want To Be A..., Kingfisher Knowledge, Scary Creatures series, and e-explore are some of the most well-known series, with publishers ranging from DK to Kingfisher. John is based in the United Kingdom.