John R Mack

John studied writing in college, published the short story, Jonny Hates Jazz, wrote a column, Dancing The Rainbow, for two years in the regional Texas dance periodical, The Dancer's Guide, and has written and produced five plays (one on commission). His play Talking With Jacob won statewide recognition in Wisconsin. He produced an adaptation of the Ray Bradbury story, The Better Part of Wisdom with the author's input and blessing. He also self-published (before it was cool and edgy) a book called KEEP BREATHING: Zen and the Art of Social Dance. For the past twenty years, John has worked as a dance teacher. He has choreographed musicals like West Side Story and helped create and coach the original Radio Disney dance team in San Antonio, TX. Now, John has moved to Virginia in semi-retirement to focus on his writing. He has written a total of twelve completed novel manuscripts, six plays, and ten screenplays. As a dance teacher, he has been featured twice in the international education periodical Quality in Action.