John Rhodes

John Rhodes has been involved in the videoconferencing industry since its early days. In 1989 he initiated Sony's entry into the U.S. videoconferencing market and was named marketing manager for Sony's Videoconferencing and Satellite Systems Division. He has been responsible for product development and marketing of videoconferencing solutions at Sony, IPC and Pinacl Communications. He has also designed and/or managed the implementation of video communications systems for a wide variety of organizations, including Citicorp, Sony, Ralph Lauren, The U.S. Navy, Allstate, and the New York School for the Deaf. He has served as contributing editor for Teleconferencing Business, and written numerous articles on videoconferencing and multimedia communications for AV Video, Multimedia Producer, and Inc. Technology's Sourcebook Educational Guides. Rhodes is president and co-owner of Media Resources, a West Harrison, NY-based company specializing in the deployment of new media technologies and content for business communications applications.