John Skewes

JOHN SKEWES worked for Disney Consumer Products as a product designer and character artist until launching his own company, Retrodyne Industries, in 2001. Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, Fox, Pixar, and Simon & Schuster are among his clients. John has followed Larry from the southern tip of Texas to tiny Nome, Alaska, as the creator and artist of the award-winning Larry Gets Lost children's book series, and has been lost himself several times. Around 20 children's books have been illustrated by him, including Elliott the Otter and A Ticket to the Pennant. ERIC ODE is a multi-award-winning children's singer, composer, author, and poet who performs for schools, libraries, and community events across the country. He's also the co-author of Larry Gets Lost Under the Sea and the author of Sea Star Wishes and Bigfoot Doesn't Like Birthday Parties.