Jonathan Davis

Davis, Jonathan: -

Jonathan Davis is one of the UK's leading authors and commentators on stock market investment. He is the author of Money Makers (Texere, 1998, revised Harriman House 2013), a study of the investment habits and philosophy of seven top UK investors, and Investing With Anthony Bolton, an analysis of the methods of Fidelity's legendary UK fund manager (Harriman House, 2004, revised edition 2006). He has written a fortnightly column in the Financial Times since 2007 and for 12 years before that wrote a popular weekly column in The Independent. You can subscribe to his blog and the Independent Investor newsletter via his website.

Educated at Cambridge University and MIT's Sloan School of Management, where he met and studied the methods of Warren Buffett for a Master's degree thesis, Jonathan was previously a senior business journalist at The Sunday Telegraph, The Times and The Economist. He is currently Investment Director of Agrifirma Services Ltd, advisers to a Brazilian Farmland Fund, and a Non-Executive Director of Hargreaves Lansdown plc. He holds the CFA's Investment Management Certificate.