Joseph B Lumpkin

Joseph Lumpkin has a vast and diverse research and writing history. He worked in the United States in the field of research and development. For many years, I worked for the Department of Defense. Hypersonic Missile Technology and Computer Clustering for Supercomputers were two major initiatives. Joseph possesses a Doctorate of Ministry and has served as chaplain for various outreach initiatives, in addition to his experience in science, technology, and research.

He has written for a variety of publications and has written over two dozen books on theology, religion, Christian history, and philosophy. Dr. Lumpkin has appeared as a guest speaker on topics such as Fallen Angels, Church History, Religion, Theology, The Sacred Feminine, and the Axial Age on radio, television, and the internet. L.A. Confidential, for example, is one of the shows. Rainmaking Time, Cryptic Wisdom, and Threshing Floor Radio are all talk radio stations.

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