Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates' notions of a healthy body and mind were founded on the early Greek method. His publications cover topics like as fitness and health, as well as his creative workouts, which have sparked a worldwide revolution in fitness plans and exercise approaches. His impact on the world of fitness and exercise has been nothing short of transformative. Judd Robbins has been teaching physical fitness to kids around the United States for over thirty years. He has specialized in teaching and refining Joseph Pilates' essential direction and instruction for more than half of that time.

Several organizations have awarded him credentials in Pilates, yoga, and martial arts. Lin Van Heuit-Robbins, who teaches Pilates and personal training, has a master's degree in exercise physiology from the University of California, Berkeley. She is a Pilates instructor accredited by the Physical Mind Institute, as well as a group instructor and personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise.