Joyce Barton

Joyce Barton is an artist, not only with her brush on canvas, but by painting pictures in your mind with the stories she writes. She grew up at the threshold of the Rocky Mountains, riding horses in local gymkhanas and rodeos, fantasizing about being a cowgirl. When she grew up and started a family she enjoyed reading books to her five children, but gravitated toward books about the old west for herself. When grandchildren came along, she loved making up stories to tell them. This eventually led her to writing about the subject she loves most, the old west, with an emphasis on courageous, adventurous women. Her first novel, Home to Tomorrow, won first place in a Colorado Gold writing competition. Echoes of Dreams, the second book in this series, brings back the same beloved characters while introducing additional women - and the men who walk beside them - who have the courage to dream in spite of the harsh conditions of the time.
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