Judith John

John, Judith: - Judith John is the CEO and Founder of Glory Carriers CO, JJ Soul Sessions & Looking Glass Developmental Center. Judith John is a mother, mentor, prophet, and Biblical Cognitive Behavioral Therapist based in South Florida. From immigrant parents, her story consists of failures, lessons, and triumphs. Judith John uses her platform and expertise to assist clients with soul healing. Her clientele ranges from young adults to professionals. She guides them toward reconciling their past and uses Biblical cognitive behavioral therapy as her method of choice. As a mentor, she aids people in envisioning their future by setting goals and creating activities focused on the importance of self-awareness. Clients learn how to prepare for their future while resolving unhelpful patterns and behaviors related to the past. Judith also works with young adults and young people through the Looking Glass Development Centre. Students overcoming anxiety can find beneficial Read More chevron_right