Judy K King

King, Judy Kay: - Judy Kay King, M.A. English, is a literary theorist and independent scholar, specializing in the area of philosophy of science and mind, using semiotics, systems thinking, and a transdisciplinary approach grounded in quantum theory. Her Masters Degree is from Oakland University, Michigan, where her graduate education centered on literary criticism. As a college instructor for 20 years, she designed and facilitated over 16 different college courses, including Mythology, Creative Writing, literature courses, and Seminars on West Africa. Her independent research and writing includes The Isis Thesis, a study decoding 870 ancient Egyptian Signs (2004), The Road from Orion (2004), a novel explaining the science in the thesis, continuing research on the thesis in 13 peer-reviewed articles (2005-2019) published in international journals and Annual Meeting Proceedings, and Balls of Fire, a Science of Life and Death (2015), summarizing and expanding research on Read More chevron_right