Judy Sanders

Sanders, Judy: - my name is judy sanders, I Had an near death experience at the age of twentyfive
I did not know what to do with the things that I encounter. I started a soul seeking
journey during the process. I lost my marriage, family, and friends trying to figure
out what had just happen to me. The journey was long, lonely at time and being misunderstood. The thought of getting off the road of the journey put cringest in my
spine to even think about it. The mission that I call it is worth the challenges because you began to think and pray how to make a difference or to do better in
helping somone else. I found a rewarding experience in working in the health care
industry as well as the beauty industry for many years i found solace in that. The
true mission is to let my readers know that there is life after death, maybe oneday
I will be inspire to share my near death experience with my readers. I don't know
where my journey will end up but I am optimistic in my traveling down this uncertain road . What an adventure!!!...

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