Julie Brown Yau

Julie Brown Yau, PhD, is a psychologist with more than thirty years of experience in somatic and spiritual traditions. Her unique approach blends clinical experience, psychology, physical and subtle body energies, and spiritual perspectives in discussing and healing trauma. She is director of education and program development at Compassionate Care ALS, where she incorporates her knowledge of somatic depth psychology, grief counseling, and contemplative practices to work with individuals and families facing catastrophic illness and death. Julie has a private practice in Laguna Beach, CA, working specifically with developmental trauma.

Foreword writer Lisa Genova, PhD, graduated valedictorian, summa cum laude from Bates College with a degree in biopsychology, and received her PhD in neuroscience from Harvard University. Genova has captured a special place in contemporary fiction, writing stories that are equally inspired by neuroscience and the human spirit. She is author of the New York Times bestselling novels, Still Alice, Left Neglected, Love Anthony, and Inside the O'Briens.