Juliet Diaz

Juliet Diaz is an Indigenous Tano Cubana and a Seer who comes from a long line of curanderos (healers) and brujas on both sides of her parents' families. Her tribe, Higuayagua, calls her a bohuiti (healer). She has two sons, three cats, and over 400 plants in her home. Juliet began to show symptoms of her innate abilities at the age of three, including cosmic channeling, seeing, plant whispering, healing, energy reading, and contact with spirits and other realms. She believes that we all have Magic within us and is passionate about inspiring people to live their truth.

Juliet has dedicated her life to assisting others in weaving light, medicine, and magic into their spirits, assisting thousands of individuals in regaining their sense of self and healing. Her Sacred Soul Healing session combines all of her skills and the various healing modalities she's learnt from her ancestors, elders, and spirit guides into one service. She holds a master's degree in herbal medicine as well Read More chevron_right