Junichiro Tanizaki

Junichiro  Tanizaki

Junichiro Tanizaki was born in Tokyo in 1886 and lived there until the earthquake of 1923, when he relocated to the Kyoto-Osaka region, which was the setting for one of his most famous novels, The Makioka Sisters (1943-48). Tanizaki wrote nearly twenty books, including Naomi (1924), Some Prefer Nettles (1928), Arrowroot (1931), and A Portrait of Shunkin (1933). In 1941, 1954, and 1965, he published translations of the Japanese classic The Tale of Genji. Some of his books were adapted into films, including Quicksand (1930), The Key (1956), and Diary of a Crazy Old Man (1961). In 1949, he received Japan's Imperial Prize in Literature, and in 1965, he became the first Japanese writer to be elected to the American Academy and the National Institute of Arts and Letters as an honorary member. Tanizaki passed away in 1965.

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