Justin Donald

Donald, Justin: - Entrepreneur Magazine calls Justin Donald the Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing. He's a master of low-risk cash flow investing, specializing in simplifying complex financial strategies, structuring deals, and disciplined investment systems that consistently produce profitable results. His ethos is to create wealth without creating a job. In the span of 21 months, and before his 40th birthday, Justin's investments drove enough passive income for both and his wife, Jennifer, to leave their jobs. Following his simple investment system and 10 Commandments of Lifestyle Investing(c), Justin negotiated deals with over 100 companies, multiplied his net worth to over eight figures, and maintained a family-centric lifestyle in less than two years. Just two years later, he doubled his net worth again. He now consults and advises entrepreneurs and executives on Lifestyle Investing. Justin hosts the podcast The Lifestyle Investor(R) featuring his lessons and Read More chevron_right