Kanata Konami

Kanata  Konami

Konami Kanata was born in Nagano, Japan, on July 3, 1958. Konami, a seasoned manga artist, made her professional debut in 1982 with Kodansha's semenal shoujo manga magazine NakaYoshi, with the serialized comic Petit Cat Jam-Jam. Konami, the daughter of an elementary school teacher, writes stories for people of all ages, making her one of the most approachable artists in recent history. During the course of her nearly thirty-year career, she has written more than a dozen comic series, the majority of which are about cats and dogs. Konami is known in the pet-manga community for her keen understanding of cat ecology. Her ability to observe and depict feline behavior has garnered her the admiration of the Japanese manga community.

While the most of her works were aimed at a younger female audience, her most recent series, Chi's Sweet Home, is currently being published by Kodansha's Morning magazine, Japan's premier adult comic publication. Demonstrating that quality can be found even in the most adorable of places.