Karmen Budai

Budai, Karmen: - Karmen Budai started off with her successful book, A Parrot's Fine Cuisine Cookbook and Nutritional Guide, published in 2018. Her parrot's story was the main factor that prompted her to create her first cookbook for parrot owners and set her on the journey of helping other parrot owners struggling to feed their birds a healthy nutritional diet. Her passion for parrots and their wellbeing then led her to the creation of this healthy parrot's meal planner to inspire other bird owners and help them on their journey with their bird diet transition. Karmen is originally from a small country in Europe called Slovakia. Since childhood, she had a creative streak, which led to studying fashion design in her college years. Fashion remained a hobby and she moved on to a career in the corporate environment. She moved to the United Kingdom in 2004, intending only to stay for a few years, but settled there with her family. She has the most demanding, feathered, velcro Read More chevron_right