Kathleen Karr

Kathleen  Karr

I grew up on a poultry farm near Dorothy, New Jersey, after being born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I worked in the film industry and taught high school and college after escaping to college. On my husband's dare, I started writing fiction seriously and sold five women's fiction novels before my children requested me to write a book for them (It Ain't Always Easy, 1990). I discovered my passion for writing children's books and haven't looked back since. It's wonderful to be able to create my own universes.

It's a thrilling sensation to watch a character come to life, to become genuine flesh and blood and to take control of a story. It's also a lot of work, especially since I prefer historical settings. What a blessing it is that I feel at ease in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries! This is my only option of returning to the past short of creating a time machine.

It's my method of demonstrating to my viewers that, while events change, human nature remains Read More chevron_right