Kazu Haga

Kazu Haga is the founder of the East Point Peace Academy and the recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Award from the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Gil Lopez Award for Peacemaking. He trains groups in nonviolence, conflict reconciliation, restorative justice, organizing, and mindfulness in prisons and jails, high schools and youth groups, and with activist communities around the country. Haga was introduced to the work of social change and nonviolence in 1998, when at the age of 17 he particiated in the Interfaith Pilgrimage of the Middle Passage; a 6-month walking journey from Massachusetts to New Orleans to retrace the slave trade. He spent a year studying nonviolence and Buddhism while living in monasteries throughout South Asia, and returned to the US at age 19 to begin a lifelong path in social justice work. He is the founding board chair of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ), serves on the board of PeaceWorkers, and is a member of the Ahimsa Collective and The Evolutionary Leaders. He resides in Oakland, CA.