Keith C Clarke

Keith C. Clarke received his PhD and MA from the University of Michigan (Analytical Cartography, Geography), and his BA from Middlesex Polytechnic, London (Geography and Economics). He is professor of geography at UC Santa Barbara, where he runs the state-of-the-art GIS lab and regularly teaches GIS and intro cartography. Keith was Chair of the Department 2001 to 2006. He was elected President of CaGIS in 2001, was selected as UCGIS Educator of the Year in 2002, and is a recipient of the 2005 John Wesley Powell Award, the USGS's highest award for achievement. In 2006, he became a Fellow of the ACSM, the Chair of the NAS Mapping Sciences Committee, and was appointed to the National Geographic Committee on Research and Exploration; in 2007, Keith received a UK Leverhulme Trust award and Fulbright Distinguished Scholarship. He has worked on numerous funded research projects, including: