Kenny Ausubel

Kenny Ausubel is a social entrepreneur, novelist, journalist, and filmmaker who has won numerous awards. He is the co-founder and co-CEO of Bioneers, a non-profit dedicated to disseminating practical and innovative solutions for restoring Earth's endangered ecosystems and mending our human communities. Ausubel and his Bioneers cofounder and wife, Nina Simons, founded the renowned annual Bioneers Conference in 1990, and he now acts as executive producer of the Bioneers plenary series, which airs on Free Speech TV and Link TV. He served as a key advisor and features in Leonardo DiCaprio's feature documentary The 11th Hour. He was also a co-founder of Seeds of Change, a company that sells organic, biodiverse heirloom seeds.

Ausubel has written three books, including When Healing Becomes a Crime: The Remarkable Tale of the Hoxsey Cancer Clinics and the Revival of Alternative Treatments (2000), The Bioneers: Declarations of Interdependence (1995), and Seeds of Change: The Living Read More chevron_right