Kij Johnson

Kij  Johnson

Kij Johnson is the author of The Fox Woman and Fudoki, among other works. Amazing Stories, Analog, Asimov's, Duelist Magazine, Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Realms of Fantasy have all published her short work. She was awarded the Theodore A. For her novelette in Asimov's, Fox Magic, she received the Sturgeon Award for the best short fiction of 1994. She won the Crawford Award for best new fantasy novelist of the year from the International Society for the Weird in the Arts in 2001.

She has lectured on creativity and writing at bookstores and businesses across the country, and has taught writing and science-fiction writing at Louisiana State University and the University of Kansas. She has volunteered at the University of Kansas' Center for the Study of Science Fiction's Writer's Workshop for Science Fiction since 1994. She's been teaching a series of writing workshops at the GenCon Game Fair since 1999. She's worked as a managing editor at Tor Books, a collections and Read More chevron_right