Kimon Nicolaides

Kimon Nicolaides was born in 1891 in Washington, D.C. His first encounter with art was a subliminal recognition of his father's eastern imports. He knew he wanted to paint from an early age, but he had to flee his home to pursue his dream because his parents were opposed to the concept. He made a living in New York by framing pictures, writing for a newspaper, and even appearing in films as an art student as a movie extra. His father was eventually won over by his obvious seriousness, and he was able to fund his education at the Art Students' League, where he studied under Bridgman, Miller, and Sloan.

After the US entered World War One, Nicolaides volunteered for the Camouflage Corps and served in France for nearly a year, getting a citation for his efforts. One of his assignments, which required him to study geographical contour maps, introduced him to the notion of contour, which is the subject of Exercise One in this book. He was granted his first one-man show by the famed Read More chevron_right

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