Laura Charanza

Laura Charanza is a two-time survivor of narcissistic abuse. After four decades of pain and self-doubt caused by loving narcissists in her life, Laura understands why abuse victims feel unworthy, unlovable and intrinsically broken. Laura grew up with a narcissistic parent, then married a narcissist and stayed with him for many years. Narcissists can't really love or change, and Laura understands how the damage accumulates.After Laura left her marriage, she started her path to healing and becoming the woman God designed her to be. Laura has worked with psychologists, physicians, spiritual healers and life coaches to learn what it takes to identify the abuse and overcome the agony and insecurity. Laura helps you find your way to freedom, peace and love. Laura is a former television news journalist who covered breaking news for CBS and ABC affiliates across the United States. Laura also did occasional live reports for CNN, and some of her work was broadcast on BBC.Laura has now dedicated Read More chevron_right